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Jazz musician and lifelong fly fisherman, Dave Bargeron was a member of the band BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS and many international jazz orchestras over the span of his 50 year career. This book showcases the salmon flies he tied for 50 legendary musicians he knows and with whom he has worked. He weaves stories about his personal musical experiences with them and relates how he designed each fly based on their musicianship and individual signature tunes. The book includes elements of homage, musical history and autobiography. It is an intimate look at a musical world seldom shared and two worlds rarely merged. There is also an historical comparison study that examines the work of the great salmon fly tying masters of the Victorian age.  Included in the back of the book is Dave's latest CD, B.R.A.V.O. - Duets With Myself.

Below are some examples and reviews



"With his inspired and creative work, Jazz Flies, Dave Bargeron has clearly defined the link between virtuoso-level jazz music and fly fishing -- and especially fly tying.  A world-renowned trombonist for many years, his impressions of the jazz greats with whom he played are brilliantly depicted in his original salmon fly dressings.  Dave's mastery of the intricacies of full-dress salmon fly tying techniques is elegantly displayed here.  Jazz Flies is truly a masterful work in all respects."

--   Dick Talleur - America's pre-eminent fly tyer and author:  Pretty and Practical Salmon Flies


"In the book Jazz Flies ..."two great passions come to life in a masterful manner and style of remembrance that brings two great professions together in harmony of thought which comes through one's fingertips."

--  Charles  A. Chute - World Renowned classic salmon fly tyer


"More and more artists are using the creative potential of the Atlantic Salmon Fly medium for their personal expression.  Dave Bargeron, in Jazz Flies, has conjoined his two passions, fly tying and jazz music, in a work that shows us that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  His creative flies take us through his personal journey as artist through materials, history and inspiration.  Bravo Dave!"

--   Paul Rossman - Master creative salmon fly tyer and author:  Creative Salmon Fly Art


"Dave Bargeron brings a totally original perspective to the world of glamorous, full-dress Atlantic salmon flies. As he discovered during his journey into the world of classic salmon flies, there is no "right" way to dress these patterns; all of the great tiers of yore took their own twists on even the most established flies. Feeling that improvisational beat, he used the classic salmon-fly form as a template to create original patterns dedicated to fifty of the most important jazz musicians of the 20th century. In Jazz Flies, Dave tells the stories of playing with these musicians, and tying the flies in their honor."

--  Dave  Klausmeyer, Editor, FlyTyer Magazine and author:  Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers

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